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Apr 14, 2013
@ 6:41 am
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TUMBLR! As an asthmatic person, I have a question for you:

If you do not have asthma, what do your lungs feel like when you run?

Even though I know I have asthma, I have always attributed my gross lung-reaction to running (mucus production & painful/dangerous airway constriction & coughingcoughingcoughing) to being fat and, like, my body being inherently lazy or something. It just occurred to me that despite childhood bullying priming me to think that being fat is the root of all my problems, this is probably not 100% the case. So now I’m curious!

ETA: I should mention––I have both chronic asthma and EIA, but the EIA is significantly worse. 

Ask box is open, as always. And let’s make this answerable?

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    I know this feel. Fuck asthma.
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    Hi! *waves hands* This a great question for me to answer since you know me personally and think I’m fit and stuff!...
  3. connaissais said: …both cases. But asthma makes them feel like they’re clutched in a vise. Tunning, the first few minutes are many tiny stabs to get them open; later, you just know the space of them within you, and know very well where they end. Did that make sense?
  4. connaissais answered: I had problems with asthma when I was younger, but exercise wasn’t the trigger. The best I can say is that you feel aware of your lungs in…
  5. mishatherat said: Running too hard will produce that reaction in me, especially when I’m out of shape. What you don’t often hear is to start really really slow. I usually jog at a brisk walking pace, or else I can’t last more than a couple minutes.
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